ReSChape EU Project. Reshaping supply chains for positive social impact

As a result of the recent pandemic, global value chains have completely transformed. This has raised concerns over the ensuing social, economic and environmental trends and related impact on the way supply chains are organised. In this context, the EU-funded ReSChape project will analyse social, economic and environmental changes and disruptions, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and evaluate their impact on supply chains. 

New supply chain models will be proposed, aiming towards a more streamlined supply chain process to assure humans (workers, consumers and in general citizens) to be at the center of the business also thanks to new digital technologies. It will be studied how to assure a positive social impact and innovative policy scenarios will be developed with recommendations to support the future supply chains.


To analyse social, economic and environmental changes and disruptions (including COVID) and evaluate their impact on Supply Chains (SCs), identifying related challenges in terms of the relationship between countries, the configuration of the network and the impact on employment.

To study and propose a set of SC models for the evolution of global SC integrating strategies like resource efficiency, closed-loop and humanitarian as a way to increase EU resilience and sustainability, digitalization will be studied as a way to establish new paths for social inclusion considering the needs of urban and rural areas.

To develop Innovative tools for monitoring and assessing sectoral trade patterns and defining mechanisms to evaluate the relationship between disruptions, like pandemics, and global value chains taking into consideration the impact on employment, economic growth, incomes, etc., also in the long term.

To develop innovative policy scenarios with recommendations for future global value chains based on Key horizontal issues impacting several sectors and will provide recommendations for EU, national and sectoral strategies, policy measures and targeted actions aimed at shaping fair, inclusive and sustainable trade patterns and SCs.