Battery Forum

Varsovia. Ptak Warsaw Expo , Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, 114D Wolica
| 10:00 - 17:00

BATTERY FORUM Poland is an industry specialized event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the Largest Trade Fair and Congress Center in Central Europe. Aimed at bringing together all branches of the energy and power industry and creating convenient conditions for professional business contacts. Trade Fair for Batteries and Energy Storage Technologies and Power Supply will allow you to find potential business partners for your company.

BATTERY FORUM Poland is an excellent opportunity for you to compare and carefully analyze all offers available on the Polish market dedicated to the industry. The event also provides an excellent opportunity to participate in conferences, workshops and congresses of the industry energy and power developing knowledge of the market and showing the operation of the latest technologies. Register and receive an invitation to the fair.

The following sectors and industries will be represented at BATTERY FORUM Poland:

  • Energy Storage Technologies
    • Batteries (lithium, lead-acid, redox flow)
    • Other battery technologies
    • Capacitors (ultra)
    • Hydrogen/Power-to-Gas (fuel cells, electrolyzers, hydrogen storage, monitoring and testing)
    • Gas safety, equipment/materials for H2 production
    • Other storage technologies
    • Battery recycling
  • Energy Storage Systems
    • Stationary applications (for residential buildings, commercial and industrial applications, public utilities, and network operators)
    • Emergency power systems (UPS)
    • ICT, energy storage system software
    • Power electronics for mass storage systems
    • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)
    • Energy storage for low-capacity mobile applications (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Battery System Components and Accessories
    • Battery management systems
    • Cooling/temperature management for storage systems
    • Battery testing, control systems, and safety
    • Power electronics for mass storage systems
    • Battery housing
    • Contacts, wiring, insulation for batteries
    • Battery chargers
  • Battery Production Technologies / Equipment and Installation
    • Materials for battery production
    • Equipment for battery/module production/assembly
    • Production equipment for battery cells
    • Battery module production
    • Automation technologies for battery production
    • Installation/assembly techniques for battery systems
  • Engineering Services
  • Research and Development in Energy Storage Technologies
  • Consulting and Industry Training
  • Financial Services, Grants, Insurance
  • Research and Certification Institutes
  • Industry Media

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