Plan Industrial Pacto Verde

Plan Industrial del Pacto Verde

- Unión Europea

This decade will be decisive for the world to limit the rise in global temperatures and to take the necessary steps towards net-zero. The stakes are high and the challenges complex – but there is a once in a generation opportunity to use this imperative to act as a catalyst to invest in the clean energy economy and industry of the net-zero age.
The European Green Deal sets in stone our green transition ambitions, including our climate targets towards net-zero by 2050. The Fit for 55 package provides a concrete plan to put the European economy firmly on track, with the REPowerEU Plan accelerating the move away from fossil fuels. Alongside the Circular Economy Action Plan, this sets the framework for the transformation of the EU’s industry for the net-zero age.

In the next few years, the economic shape of the net-zero age will be firmly set. New markets will have been created, breakthrough clean technologies will have been innovated, developed, and brought to market, and our energy systems transformed. Therefore, those who invest first and faster today will secure their place in this new economy and create jobs for a newly skilled workforce, rejuvenate industrial manufacturing bases, lower costs for people and businesses and be in a prime position to support other parts of the world to decarbonise their own economies.
The scale of the opportunity for European industry puts this need in sharp focus. The International Energy Agency estimates that the global market for key mass-manufactured clean energy technologies will be worth around USD 650 billion a year by 2030 (approximately EUR 600 billion) – more than three times today’s level. The related energy manufacturing jobs could more than double in the same time period1. The net-zero industry globally is growing strongly, to the extent of demand sometimes outpacing supply.

The EU is well equipped to step up and seize the net-zero opportunity. Europe’s economic model, built on its Single Market, has brought rising prosperity over the past decades. Europe is a leading player on innovation, venture capital and deployment of net-zero technologies and sustainable products. It has a strong starting point – an industry with a track record as a proven trend-setter and standard-setter, with growing levels of digitalisation. Manufacturing high quality and innovative products that are used across the world. It has world-leading scientists and researchers, consistently developing breakthrough solutions or refining existing technologies.

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